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Dating can be a costly process for single people.


Between wine and food show tickets and travel costs will soon enough add up. That’s especially annoying when the date goes wrong — or even worse you’re ghosted the next day.



When one Indiana man’s dating experience went badly he didn’t an explanation. He wanted to be reimbursed.


After drinks and dinner with the unnamed man Amanda Burnett decided to not take their relationship further. She ignored his text requesting to go on a second date the next day.

在和这位未透露姓名的男士喝酒、用过晚餐之后,阿曼达·伯内特(Amanda Burnett)决定他们的关系不会再进一步。她没有理会他第二天邀请她再次约会的短信。

A few weeks later Burnett received a letter from him including a bill for her half of their date. Naturally she shared her experience on Twitter.


“A guy just mailed me a bill for our dinner a few weeks ago because I didn’t text him back” she wrote.


【A woman in Indianapolis went on a date with a guy earlier this month and ghosted him . . . then last week she got an INVOICE for $40 from him in the mail. She tweeted a picture of it and it's going viral.】


She posted the message alongside a photo of the invoice which broke down what he was supposedly owed: $20 for bar costs $14.50 for her meal of pulled pork tacos a $1.99 “processing fee” sales tax of $2.56 and shipping and handling which came to $0.47.


In total her bill came to about $40.


While many Twitter users agreed that it was a petty move by the anonymous man others called Burnett cruel for ghosting him.


“If you don’t have the decency to text the guy back he’s in every right to make you pay for the meal” one wrote. “Only fair!”


“So many girls just expect the guy to pay for everything” chimed in another critic.


Burnett ended up making her Twitter account private after the backlash.


“Cracks me up how people instantly are like ‘well why didn’t YOU text him back??? You just wanted a free meal??’ YOU AS A WOMAN ARE NOT OBLIGATED TO GIVE A MAN ANYTHING IN EXCHANGE FOR A CHEAP DINNER” she argued.



Living Within Means21.000 hours ago
How difficult was it to send a simple free TEXT to say "Thank you for dinner but I do not feel as if we are a match. I wish you the very best."


Ounce of Logic21.000 hours ago
"Naturally she shared her ordeal on Twitter." -- nothing is less "Natural" than Twitter.


Boner20.000 hours ago
“Naturally she shared her ordeal on Twitter.” Sad that this has become a first response


Djax1021.000 hours ago
Etiquette of life: treat others the way you wanna be treated.


Sick of the BS21.000 hours ago
Guys. Meet for coffee on a 1st date.. Both will know within 2 min if there is an interest.


RWM21.000 hours ago
A little courtesy goes a long way. How about 10 secs on a text - “sorry not feeling a connection. Best of luck to you.”


MikeyStuff21.000 hours ago
I think this Guy is a lot more creative than the writer who wrote the story.


Stanton21.000 hours ago
When I first me my future wife and we were casually friendly dating she always offered to pay her share. Later she told me it was because if things didn't go anywhere she wanted us to part as friends and didn't want me to feel used.


Ella21.000 hours ago
That's why anymore you just meet for coffee for your first date. Since the invention of social media people have lost the ability to communicate and react normally in social situations.


leafpeeper21.000 hours ago
Well possibly lesson learned on both sides. For her: be considerate and send a text stating that "we are not a match I wish you good luck". For him: state that you prefer going dutch on first dates. If that is an obstacle for a woman to date him then she is not for him saves time and embarrassment from the jump. Also tone down the first meeting to coffee or a glass of wine. Then either party can walk away. It does not have to be "a date".


David21.000 hours ago
I have a feeling she had already decided she didn't want to go past the first date during the dinner she should have offered to pay half at that time.


Bill21.000 hours ago
When starting to date a person we meet at a neutral site each getting there on their own and each paying for their own way. If we decide to continue to see each other then we discuss logistics. I'm not a well to do person work hard for my money and shouldn't be expected to pay for everything just because I'm the man.


Sean21.000 hours ago
And thus the reason why they're single.


Eric21.000 hours ago
Lets see how many dates she gets now


Jay21.000 hours ago
My colleague's college student daughter told him that a lot of her dorm mates use Bumble Tinder etc to have dates just to get some free drinks and nice food. If they like the guy the mess around to the extent they're interested otherwise they just say thank you for a nice evening and leave it at that. In other words these women are using dating to fund a lifestyle outside the range of their college student budgets and having the guys foot the bill.


Peter O21.000 hours ago
Her name is now on every mans "No Fly" list.


GayhooCustomerCare21.000 hours ago
All she had to do was ignore the invoice but instead she chose to blast it over Twitter