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Why do some wealthy people dress like bums?




Answered Jul 14, 2018
I have a $14 mil. plus net worth. Selfmate and in my mid-40’s. My income is $650k per year. Here is what I pay for clothing - My max is - $60 for jeans, $60 for a shirt, $100 for shoes. My suits, slacks, and blazers are tailor made during my overseas trips (I travel a lot for pleasure). I buy the top notch material online from the UK, Italy and France usually ( $250 on sale) and I pay $100 to the tailors overseas (Balkans, Turkey, Eastern Europe). If I ordered the same bespoke suits in the US they would range around $2500. I buy clothes twice a year and that is it. I do have 12 watches that are worth $150k altogether.
I work for myself so I do not have to abide by a dress-code. It is not unusual to see me with a drivers cap, a t-shirt, and Lucky Brand jeans, a pair of Puma El Rey’s and my Breuget Type XXI Flyback or a Lacoste shirt (always buy them on sale), Old Navy jeans, Penguin shoes and Glashutte Original Senator Diary.
I do not own any Versace. Tom Ford, or Gucci.
I like watches because If you buy them at the right price you can recover your money 100% or near it. Heck sometimes even make money on them. I’m also fascinated by high horology. But that is a whole different subject.
Do I look like a bum? Perhaps most of the times, unless you see me at a wedding where I’m wearing one of my hand tailored 140’s suit and my Vacheron Constantin Patrimony.
Now answer me this - Why do guys that are barely able to pay their bills try and dress like they are rich? I have associates and people that depend on my business and are barely eking out a living show up in $200 jeans (True Religion), waiting 1 hour before their checks are printed.
To attract a mate? I don''''t have that problem . To try and impress their family and friends? All I worry about is impressing “ME”. To try and land a business deal? I beyond that.
It’s a sad state of affairs. The rich dress like bums and the poor dress like movie stars. In short the rich dress like bums because they can dress like bums, the poor dress flashy because … well I don''''t know the answer to that?


Ludwig Rosiclair
Apr 30, 2019 · 9 upvotes
I think it has a lot to do with the fact people feel empty inside and don’t quite understand their purpose and/or won’t pursue it. So instead they try to buy their happiness and self-worth. I know because I tried desperately in my mid twenties. I had bought things I had no business buying. Especially as a broke kid fresh out of school with a shit ton of debt. But that’s what main stream america taught me how to live my life. Make money and consume the country.


Aug 9, 2018 · 14 upvotes
Comes down to insecurity of one’s station in life and overcompensation with material obxts and status symbols to impress others. The American hamster wheel. But it stimulates the economy and markets so that the truly wealthy further profit. Like the saying goes…Big hat but no cattle.



John Mark
Jul 26, 2018 · 3 upvotes
Wow!!! This phenomenon is very fascinating and worth studying.

哇! ! !这种现象非常有趣,值得研究。

Greg Anthony
Aug 8, 2018 · 5 upvotes
You can find more in depth information in other areas of Quora..though I’m too lazy for a lix. The basic theory is that everyone tries to impress those in their economic sphere by sending signals. These signals of wealth or at least of stability can be cell phones (poor), Euro cars (middle class), or for the wealthy- the ability to be indifferent. This can sometimes be seen in the workplace. I find it a bit fantastic to believe the majority of wealthy have things like yachts or personal jets. Most of what I see are ‘millionaire next door’ types who either own a blue collar business or folks that no longer need to work since their residual income is greater than a modest lifestyle. Interesting to note are those that want six figure jobs out of law/medical school without realizing that they come with 65–70 hour work weeks. Divide that up, subtract taxes and you are at what, $20 an hour? Same as my uncle pays welders at his business. Yet think about the lifestyles associated with these positions and also where these jobs are located. $20 an hour with a German auto and downtown Boston/Chicago/LA apartment is laughable. Best advice I ever got was when I was 18 and had $7200 to my name thinking I was rich. Other family members smirked and said that if you have under $10,000 you are broke, even with low overhead. Second best advice was Mark Cuban saying that you should keep your expenses as low as humanly possible so you are free to do what you want in life. Very true. My favorite reason a friend gave to me about why she was broke included the fact that she just didn’t care- she didn’t want to be restricted in life so she spends all her money and has a hell of a time doing it. I love it!



我得到的最好的建议是在我18岁的时候,当时我名下有7200美元,以为自己很富有。其他家庭成员傻笑着说,如果你的钱不足1万美元,就算你的日常开支很低,你也破产了。第二好的建议是Mark Cuban说的:你应该尽可能地把开支控制在最低水平,这样你就可以自由地做你想做的事情。

Paul Howey, CEO at Talkroute
upxed Nov 30
I’m not going to post an actual picture but one of my neighbors dresses and looks almost identical to Richard from Silicon Valley:
The starting price for a home in this neighborhood is around 2.5M and his home is probably worth closer to 4M.
And he dresses this way every single day…
And he is not alone…
Almost every other person in my neighborhood dresses in the same casual attire void of any branding and logos. Do they look like “bums”? No, but they definitely don’t dress in a manner that says, “hey, look at me”.
If you ran into my neighbor on the street, you would probably not give him a second look and if you did, you probably would assume he is going to have trouble making this month’s rent lol…
What is funny is that less than a mile away there are a lot of small condos and you constantly see the women living there carrying LV bags and guys sporting all sort of clothing with high-end branding, while most of them are living paycheck-to-paycheck.
I have noticed that the wealthy don’t seem to feel that it’s necessary to bring attention to the fact that they are wealthy and those that wish they were wealthy, want to appear in a manner that makes them look wealthy. It’s quite amusing.
Then there is the super wealthy and most of them will only wear branded clothing that they have a vested interest in. In other words, unless they own the company, or at least a part of it, they aren’t going to walk around advertising their competitors. But that’s on an entirely other level :)
Here is the way I see it…
If we are truly honest with ourselves, there are probably only 2 or 3 things that you are REALLY into and you should feel free to spend your hard earned money on those things.
So if you are into fashion, by all means… buy and wear the clothing that you like.
Where the issues start is when you begin spending money on things that you don’t really care about because you want to impress other people.
That’s something most wealthy people simply don’t do. If they aren’t into shoes, they aren’t going to spend 1k on a pair of Gucci loafers. Regardless if they can easily afford it or not. While someone else will max out their credit card so they can try and impress someone that they don’t even like…
So whether it’s clothes, watches, cars or whatever… if you are truly into it and if you have the means to enjoy those luxuries, go for it. Just forget about the rest of the stuff you don’t really care about. At the end of the day, the only person you should be worried about impressing is yourself.

Paul Howey, Talkroute公司CE









Ludwig Rosiclair
Apr 30, 2019 · 237 upvotes including Paul Howey
Luxury brands are primarily for poor to middle class people who want to look rich. I admit I do have some “nice” clothes but nice for me is a 35 dollar dress shirt or pants and dress shoes/boots that are just south of $200 (which I’ll wear everyday for 5–6 years). You just don’t really see truly wealthy people (outside of entertainment) flaunting there wealth.


Alexandra Tello
May 10, 2019 · 79 upvotes
Quick, somebody tell the Kardashians with their Hermes Birkin purses and designer clothes they are poor.


Daniel Castro
May 14, 2019 · 84 upvotes
Just see the average followers of the Kardashians. As stated on the original answers “most of them will only wear branded clothing that they have an invested interest in”.
Kardashians won’t pay for the Hermes Birkin purse she got paid to wear on a event or post, but some of their million followers, who live paycheck to paycheck, will.


Bianca Nathan
Apr 29, 2019 · 206 upvotes
My mom loves those expensive brand items. Not for show, but that’s just what she loves! She has good eyes for fashion, and I am kind of similar but with a different style.
Through her, I learned that most of the luxury brand items that she bought were of the best quality that has kept their shape for decades. A lot of them are older than me! That is what my mom goes for; the quality. She doesn’t buy into trends (unless she thinks the trend is good), she just buys what she likes! We agree that there’s no point in pretending to be rich by showing off, because you’ll be respected anyway as long as you’re well mannered and look neat.





Nikola Tosic, works at BEMapps.com
Answered May 10, 2019
Only by looking at other answers to this and other similar questions it is clear that there is a stereotype of two types of clothing: One that hides wealth,
One that creates an idea of wealth. Unfotunately, clothing is not about wealth. Most of the people do NOT buy clothes to show or hide wealth. Clothing is an expression of who they are. And this goes for everyone who ever lived and wore clothes. Even if it appears that it is about wealth, it is not. It can be about wanting to be accepted, wanting to appear important, wanting to appear young, desirable. Clothing represents how we want to appear and this is far more complex than money or no money. It has more to do with our relationships with close ones, family, friends, and also our position in society (which is not only vertical) than money.
Clothing is an aesthetic (colors, shapes, etc) choice we make daily. And just as if we had to draw a new picture every day we need to choose new clothing every day. This requires thinking which is not rational and highly emotional.
If some people choose to dress like bums then they are trying to say what they want. Ten people who dress like bums can have ten different reasons.
Generalizing it by how much money they have or which money status they want to project is incorrect.
Overall, all explanations which are based on money are usually wrong. Money, while being very important logically, has very little purpose in the our emotional reality. It is a tool, not a goal. We care about relationships and our society position, not about numbers.

Nikola Tosic, 在BEMapps.com工作
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