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I don't have any close friends, am anintroverted person but want to go on vacation this summer. I've saved up somemoney and decided to either visit a new country/city or just chill in awellness hotel somewhere.



When I casually told this my really extrovertedsister (who is 3 years older than me) she couldn't believe I'm doing such"old people" stuff as going to a wellness hotel alone. I didn'treally know what to say and now I'm very insecure about my plans :(

当我无意间和我性格外向的姐姐(她比我大三岁)说到我的计划时,她简直不敢相信 我要去做独自住康养酒店这样的“老年”活动。我不知道要说什么而且现在我对自己的计划很没信心

Anybody can cheer me up?



Nah. Going on vacation alone is perfectlyfine. I’d probably go alone even if I had friends


What would you do on vacations? I thoughtabout going like that but really it will be too boring and lonely for me


Not sad at all! As long as it doesn't makeyou feel uneasy, travelling alone is a very fun experience!


I had the exact same thoughts. Safety wouldbe my only concern depending on where you are traveling to.


I agree, I travelled (mostly) by myself for4 or 5 years. Awesome time, made so many friends, lots to see and do. Downside:there were times of loneliness, and a lot of attractions are dull to see withnobody to share them with, but it's easy to make friends if you put yourselfout there. Stay at hostels and be open to going out and doing things withpeople you only just met.


I think it's weird that some people areincapable of traveling alone. Few things are more liberating than exploringsomewhere new on your own time and terms.


Huh? It’s not sad. Vacationing alone isjust called traveling. Travel as much as you can before you get stuck in a jobor bills.

哈?这并不叫人难过 。一个人去度假才叫旅行。在你忙于工作和付账单之前,尽你所能多去旅行吧。

Have fun!


I've never been on vacation alone. I'm apretty introverted person. I wish I had though. No better way to meet newinteresting people than going alone. Especially if you go to a differentcountry.


Just wanted to say no also. I'm prettyintroverted, but I've grown and pushed myself at times to connect with newpeople because it can be a lot of fun. If you're planning on heading somewherethat is relatively touristy, it's nice sometimes to strike up conversation atthe hotel pool or beach. Most people on vacation are in a great state of mindand usually extra friendly, if you hit it off sometimes you can enjoy they'recompany for an afternoon and a few drinks or something (when you're oldenough), then be on your way. That may take some working up to, but it'susually a lot of fun for me if I'm traveling alone or even with my gf. You meetnew people and maybe learn some new stuff about where their from and then neversee them again haha.


As a person who goes to a lot of placesalone I will say that the only inconvenience is when you're sitting in publicbut have to get up to use the bathroom/throw away trash/wash your hands etc noone is there to save your seat.


Checkout this vlog from my country.. thisperson is also 18-19 yrs old. He motivates me. lix


You’re fine. Introverts like their timealone. A vacation on your own helps you recharge. Just because you’re sister iswired differently than you doesn’t mean you’re wrong.


Do what you want to do and anyone who has aproblem with it can fuck right off.


When I was 25 I went to Alaska by myselffor 8 days, and it was the best thing I've ever done on purpose. I'd neverreally traveled before, not to mention traveling alone, but it ended up beingso, so incredible. It felt incredibly relaxing to have the kind of freedom Icould never get in my daily life. If you go somewhere, I highly recommendkeeping a journal. I wrote a little bit about each day I was there, and Ioccasionally go back and read it when I feel the daily grind getting to me.Good luck, and I hope things turn out well for you!


That seems fun! Thank's for bringing theidea with the journal up.


Seriously. Eating out alone, movies alone,vacationing alone. It's so peaceful and stress free.


I actually prefer to travel alone most ofthe time.... and sometimes my friends are like 'can I come too that soundsawesome' and I'm like 'nope... love you loads but would rather have some timealone thanks!'. I'm mid 30's now and I've been doing it regularly since my lateteens, I've never regretted a single trip.

大多数时间我更喜欢独自出游……有时我的朋友会说“那听起来太棒了,我能一起去吗”而我则会说“不…你愿意分担,爱你,但是我更愿意有点独处的时间 谢谢!”我现在30多岁了,从我少年时期至今,我不时地这么做,我从未对独自旅行感到后悔

= It's not at all unusual so don't let anyonetell you otherwise (usually the ones who say it's weird are the people whocan't handle being alone / don't like their own company which makes me thinkthey're the weird ones!!)... and whether you decide to just chill by yourselfor make new random friends at your holiday destination, you don't need otherpeople to have a good time.


Thank's so much for your encouraging words!:)


Things are only sad if the person doingthem isn't happy.
If you tried to get people to go, and endedup going alone anyway, miserable the whole time wishing you had your friends,that's sad.
If you choose to go alone, enjoy yourself,and don't find yourself constantly thinking "I wish I wasn't alone"then it's cool.
You do what you want to do, what you findfun. When I see people that arrange these big group trips and won't go anywherewithout a big group of people to lean on I think that that's sad. From myperspective. That's what they find fun however, so for them that's best.


Once you get out into the travel world, youwill meet dozens of other traveler people, all going their own places, fortheir own reasons.


Thank's for your advices!


I went on vacation alone when I was 17. Itwas by far the best vacation of my life and I’ve gained so much self-confidencefrom it.


It is amazing to be able to do whatever thefuck you want. You want to sit in a park for 5 hours? Go right ahead. You wantto go to a museum that everyone else thinks is lame? No one can hold you back! It’sultimate freedom.