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Why is WeChat popular in China?




Olivier Verot, Marketer based in China for more than 10 years.
Answered Feb 28
Good question :


1/ They use all mobile to connect people each other.?
A smack growth Hack strategy that works.


2/ They use QQ database to encourage people to connect each other.


3/ They use the QQ network to braocast the new solution : free Text and calling for everybody.


4/ They are copying the most succesffull tool among social media and innovate after. Read this article?Wechat : Micro Innovation, Mega success - Marketing China


· Readymade customer base:?The app found a huge fanfare with 200 million users within just six months of its launch. The app was successful in luring majority of the customers of Tencent’s messaging platform QQ, another popular messaging platform in China that boasts of 800 million active users today.

· 现成的用户基础:微信APP在推出后的短短六个月内就迎来了两亿用户,声势浩大。APP成功吸引了腾讯另一交流平台QQ的大部分用户,QQ是中国另一个非常受欢迎的信息沟通平台,自诩目前有8亿的活跃用户。

· Voicemail:?To make WeChat user-friendly and to bring it closer to all age groups of people Voice Mailing feature was added. This bought more users into its fold, as it was easy to voice mail on the go, than texting, and also those unable to text, like the older generation found this feature extremely useful!

· 语音功能:微信为了让用户容易操作,使其可以覆盖全年龄段的人群,语音功能应运而生。这一举措为它带来了更多用户,和文字输入比起来频繁地使用语音却很简单,同时对那些不能输入文字的人——比如老年人来说,这个功能实在太有用了!

· Privacy:?A major concern with modern digital equipments and tools is security, WeChat team understood this early and better. Earlier, discussions, and posts on similar platforms like Weibo were public and open inviting the wrath and censorship from government. WeChat, therefore made privacy a high priority, branding itself as a Private messaging alternative to existing social platforms.

· 隐私安全:关于现代电子设备和工具的主要担忧一般集中在使用安全上,微信团队很早就意识到这一点,并且做得非常好。早期在微博这类平台中的讨论和发帖都是公开且开放的,这样很容易招致政府的审查和震怒。因此微信将隐私安全放在很高的优先级上,品牌宣传自身形象时就将其作为对现存社交平台的信息隐私保护替代品。

· Platform to Socialize:?WeChat bought a revolutionary concept of socializing with its special feature called Look-Around, making it possible to meet-up locals within a radius of 4 kms. The immense curiosity of people to meet, socialize has contributed to the growing success of this app. unfortunately, owing to its mis-use by majority of the people, WeChat launched ThunderStrike operation, part of Government initiative, to close such 20 million accounts.

· 社交平台:微信在社交领域带来了革命性的设想,里面有一个功能叫“查找附近的人”,意思是你可以查找距离4千米以内的人们来进行交友。这勾起了人们极大的好奇心,人们通过微信来见面、社交为APP的成功做出了巨大贡献。不幸的是,因为大部分人对这个功能的错误使用,微信启动了政府倡导的雷击行动,关停了两千万账户。

· New Exciting features:?WeChat efforts to attract more customers led it to introduce new and exciting features, some on the lines of its western counterparts such as Facebook, Google Circle etc. A feature to share limited photos with friends was introduced, offering an easy and convenient way to share happy moments, but also ensured safety and security. Later in May of 2012, Video calling was introduced much to the respite of frustrated Skype users.

· 令人感兴趣的新功能:微信努力吸引更多用户使用它们的新功能,这个功能在某种程度上类似西方的Facebook、Google Circle等。可以和认识的朋友分享选定的照片,以一种十分简单、方便的形式分享某些快乐瞬间,在分享同时注重保持其安全和私密。2012年5月之后,视频通话功能引入,很大程度上缓解了Skype用户的失望。

· Creative Advertising:?Though, Tencent had no intentions of making WeChat, a commercial platform for advertisement revenues, the introduction of API’s in 2013. Still, WeChat was not confined to being a space on hoarding to advertise, it was more about connecting with its huge customer base, leaving a lasting impression about brands. Many companies such as Lifebuoy, Starbucks have successfully understood WeChat’s concept and have been able to leverage the huge customer base.

· 创意广告:虽然当年腾讯并无意做出微信,因为据2013年API文档的介绍,微信当时被定位于一款服务于广告收入的商业平台。然而,微信在广告上并没有局限于传统形式,它更多的是结合其庞大的用户群,呈现品牌的长久形象。很多公司比如卫宝、星巴克都深谙微信的成功之道,懂得利用庞大的用户群。

· Innovating and Exciting Games:?Innovation, Excitement, and creativity have been at the forefront of WeChat’s strategies, both in development and penetration into the market. Games, was an area where innovation, and creativity was used to the hilt. These games became so addictive to users, that apart from purchasing stickers, downloading animated emoticons’ etc, it also obstructed productive work hours at offices, and companies had to ban most of these games!

· 创新好玩的游戏:在微信对市场的发展和渗透策略中创新、好玩、创造力一直被放在了重要位置。游戏,就是创新和创造力运用的极限区域。微信中的游戏让用户十分上瘾,除之之外,人们也十分热衷于购买微信中的贴纸、下载动画表情等等。这让办公时间的工作效率变得低下,所以一些公司不得不下禁令,禁止玩这些游戏。

5/ It is a great APP, that people use everyday.


6/ They send several push per day to let people come back.


7/ Payment & eCommerce : They are developping into the eCommerce World to make Chinese people life easy.
WeChat, an ecommerce platform ? - Marketing China

7/ 网络支付和电子商务:他们为了让人们生活更方便开始涉猎电子商务领域。

8/ 8.5 million company are on Wechat , with 25,000 being added daily
Enough ?


Tingyi Chen, WeChat expert, tech writer, co-founder at WalktheChat
Answered Aug 19
As of August 2017, WeChat has 963 million MAU, the most popular social media App in China. (The second popular App is QQ with 663M MAUs, also from the same parent company, Tencent).


It’s popular for the following reasons:


1. WeChat is a one-stop solution
Western users are used to having multiple Apps for different tasks. However in China, you only need to have one single App to do everything.


A few things you can do with WeChat includes: social sharing, booking a taxi, order food delivery, order laundry delivery, order cleaning ladies, unlock a sharing bike, reading news, play games, video editing and paying for groceries and other bills…. anything you can possibly think of, you can do it with WeChat.


WeChat have city service button where you can find some specific services such as booking tickets, and paying for bill.


But the most disruptive creation of WeChat is WeChat Official Account and it’s menu.


These are company’s account’s that post news. In the menu of the account, it can take users to an external 3rd party website where the company can offer services to its followers.


Basically, a lot of WeChat Official Accounts act as independent Apps that users access through the WeChat browser.


2. WeChat is simple to use
You would think an App that comes with so much features would have a very complex interface. 
WeChat’s interface is extremely simple with the primary focus on its messaging feature.


Below is the homepage of WeChat. Notice it has 3 major different accounts:
· WeChat friends
· WeChat groups
· WeChat Official Accounts

l 微信朋友
l 微信群组
l 微信公众号

The setup is so intuitive that users of all ages can use it.
Compare with other Chinese Apps, the interface are much busier.


3. New work effect
When 963 million users are using the same App to communicate, there is no way to avoid it : )
Below is the MUA growth of WeChat.


Don Johnson, I have lived in China for a long time.
Answered Dec 11, 2015
I agree with all the answers so far (except for the one about there not being any other choices in China) but I feel like nobody has come out and stated it clearly: WeChat is a brilliant piece of software which is gradually taking over the entire Chinese mobile internet. You can now do practically anything within WeChat (and pay for it), while the core functions of messaging and microblogging remain extremely easy. I'm not very conversant with its competitors outside China (it has no competitors, really, within China) but it's like asking why Google is popular - because it's awesome.