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Shocking moment pregnant woman isphysically attacked by 70-year-old pensioner over priority seating on a bus


Footage has emerged of a pregnant womanbeing attacked by a pensioner who was angry that she had not given up her seatfor him.



The video recorded on February 24 inKunming, southwest China's Yunnan province shows the man shouting at the womanand then hitting her.


People onboard attempt to calmdown the situation however they are not effective.


According to Chinese media, the woman claimed she was three months pregnant.


She was sitting in a priority seat forpregnant women, children and the elderly on the bus. In China, these seats areusually another colour to the rest of the chairs onboard.


In the footage, the man can be seen atfirst just shouting at the woman.


However it then escalates to the pair pushing and tugging at each other.



Que Locura, right there, United States, 1day ago
Elderly 70 year old takes priority over afirst trimester pregnancy. Come on it's 3 months! You can move over.


JessiCruz, New york, United States, 1 dayago
Many women tend to pass out or get lightheaded in early pregnancy. Its not just for them to sit when they're bigger.


Lovestosew, Here and There, United States,1 day ago
They act like a bunch of animals in Chinaso no surprise there.


Jack Roth, London, United Kingdom, 1 dayago
Typical MeMeMe pensioner - the same theworld over.


rephic, Texas, United States, 1 day ago
This is not unusual in China. The old folksnormally come first because they have the best Kung Fu skills!


Annabelle Lee, Cleveland, United States, 1day ago
There was a term for that many years ago.It was called "tirany of the aged." It means when older folks haveexpectations of special treatment just for being old. Of course, we are lookingat an Eastern culture, which is going through great turmoil and cultural change- where the younger population is moving to urban areas, and elders are leftbehind with no one to care of them, and the wold of ultimate respect for oneselders is vanishing.


AussieGirl, Melbourne Australia, 1 day ago
she was 3 monthspregnant...... move her pregnancy isn't a disability              


Louise, Manchester, 1 day ago
How do you know that? I was hospitalisedearly on in both of my pregnancies for severe sickness. I couldn't sleep, Icouldn't eat, I couldn't work, I definitely couldn't stand swaying from side toside on public transport. How do you know she wasn't high risk for amiscarriage and didn't want to take the risk of not being sat safely should thebus crash? The man involved was going one stop and there were other seats. Hejust wanted to shame her.


VoteRIGHT, TheSouth, United States, 1 dayago
Knew it was China!


KThunter, Sydney, Australia, 1 day ago
The old man was only going one stop! for aman to think a pregnant woman should stand for him i think thats appalling. oldpeople harp on about how wretched the younger generation is but they raised us.Is it no wonder their manners are out the window with old people like thisraising them?


lisared, London, United Kingdom, 1 day ago
There is no easy anser on who deserves aseat


Samsung the future, a secret lab, SouthKorea, 1 day ago
Guys, can't we get along? Why bother with aseat!!!


nellakam, Las Palmas, Spain, 1 day ago
Pregnancy is not a disability nor adisadvantage. It is a personal choice.


MatsumotoKumiko, Aomori, Japan, 1 day ago
Here we give up our seats for the elderlyand respect them no matter what however I do agree that certain medical reasonsoutweigh age. However if the pregnant woman had the energy to kick that manlike that I think she would be okay standing. but then again....