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Random women adding me to WeChat



This is exactly what it says in the title. I have a random woman who added me to WeChat, because she kind of looks like someone I know, I accepted her friendship. Turns out she is not that woman. How did she get my contact details? and is it a bit strange/unusual for this to happen?


I had a look around the app and I can find no way of adding strangers other than the people in your area (which I wasn't using), shaking (which I wasn't doing), or randomly typing in a name (which seems weird).


And as a post script, what do you think she is doing randomly contacting foreigners?



Probably a hooker or scammer who found you in a group chat. They add me too sometimes and I have no idea how. I just delete them. I have a friend who would dupe stupid people into sending red packets, he was a dude pretending to be a hot girl. He did it during his university days because he was poor.

很可能是黑客或者骗子,在群聊中找到了你。他们有时也会加我,我也不知道怎么他们做到的,我直接删除他们, 我有一个朋友,他会欺骗愚蠢的人给他发红包,他是一个假装成软妹子的糙汉,在大学的时候他这么干过----因为他很穷。

Is there a way of finding out what group it was? I am in a football group and a school group that's it.

有没有办法找出是哪个群? 我在一个足球群和学校群里。

When people try to add you, it usually says how. It'll say if they added you from a particular group, if someone else shared your contact card with them, or if they found you through your phone number.


Yeah, like I say, she really looked like my dance teacher. I wasn't paying too much attention and added her. I also got a new phone so that record is most likely on the other phone. I wonder to people just add from random phone numbers?...


It's simply amazing how desperate some Chinese men are for female attention, sending hongbao to girls they've never seen (and will never see) so that she (or he) may give them 2 seconds of attention through text messages before she moves onto her next target. Just when you thought that male desperation couldn't get any worse than in Japan.


Desperate stupid men are not something China nor Japan has a monopoly on. Just two days ago I saw an angry African spreading a "girl's" Wechat in a foreign group because he was gypped out of 40rmb then was blocked. Guy never met the person.


Yup, desperation isn't anyone's monopoly, although it is particularly present in some societies.


You should ask her.As a Chinese,I don't have any randon woman adding my Wechat,so either you are very famious or handsome、rich,or only because you are foreigners,and lots Chinese girl want to move abroad.


I asked her and she said I was handsome. I told her I had a wife and we chatted a little bit. She seems alright. Doesn't seem like a scam but I don't know how she added me, and I think it would be a bit rude to ask now.


Just ask her for crying out loud. There's nothing wrong with asking "by the way, how did you find my wechat?"...

问她到底搞什么名堂,“对了,你是怎么找到我的微信的? “。。这么问没什么错。

Is your Wechat connect your mobile number?Now days easy to get everyone's mobile number through express etc.Or there is a little function (I don't know the exact english name,I think is people nearby),you can have a look which people is using Wechat and have this function nearby 1000meter and have a little chat with anyone.Oh,yes,they can see your picture in your circle of friends frist.


It could be through the "People Nearby" feature. They see a foreign face and want to either practice their English, scam a foreigner, or impress their friends by knowing a foreigner.


This is the most likely reason.


Scam artist