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The saying goes: 'It doesn't matter where you came from. All that matters is where you're going.'



But new research suggests that this might not be the case.


A study now suggests that children of supportive parents are richer and happier in later life.


Researchers from Kobe University in Japan found that mothers and fathers who help their children in their early years ensure they have higher salaries when they grow up.


They are also more likely to get high grades at school and have less chance of dying early.


The study involved an online survey of 5000 men and women who were asked about their relationship with their parents.


Participants were asked to agree or disagree with statements like: ‘My parents trusted me’ and ‘I felt like my family had no interest in me’.


The researchers used this data to split parents into six groups: supportive strict indulgent easygoing harsh and average.


Supportive parents gave their children high levels of trust showed a high level of interest in them and spent a lot of time with them.


In later life these children were happier on average earned more and were better overall.


Strict parents were defined as giving their children little independence not trusting them and imposing lots of rules.


These children grew up to be wealthier than average and did well at school - but were not happy and were more stressed.


Indulgent parents were not strict at all and spent an average amount of time with their children.


Easygoing parents showed low levels of interest with their child whilst harsh parents did not trust their children and gave them little independence.


In all three of these categories what was missing was the positive mentality that only children of supportive parents had.


They also earned less overall than children whose parents supported them.


Parents in the average category were a control to compare to the rest. 


RheaK UK United Kingdom 10 minutes ago
Be strict when you need to be....but not fly off the handle over the slightest little thing like my Mother did - it was like walking on egg shells. Children absolutely need boundaries though.

该严格的时候就严格,但是不要像我妈那样碰到一点小事就勃然大怒——好比行走在蛋壳上。 孩子绝对是需要一个界限。

archon Witness Protection Program United Kingdom 18 minutes ago
To quote Homer Simpson "what with the TV and internet they basically bring themselves up".

 引用Homer Simpson的话说:“他们基本上用电视和网络给他们自己带来了所需要的东西。”

Henry Noel Dover_Kent United States 19 minutes ago
The ones listed here are the extreme types and none I think are typical.


tuds Crowthorne 21 minutes ago
Surely as a parent you move between the groups not being a particular type all the time.


DIL Benefit Britain 28 minutes ago
Did someone actually pay for this Tosh ?


Abel Magwitch Tunbridge Wells United Kingdom moments ago
You did.


Bert Dock Liverpool 42 minutes ago
The answer to this question is simple. I`m the on who trys to bring good order and routine into our lives. My wife who I love dearly is the one that destroys it all by being too soft. No more to be said.


Mrs Boaty McBoatface Milton Keynes United Kingdom 1 hour ago
If my daughter is still alive by the end of the day I must be doing something right!!


Firehorse66 Middlesbrough United Kingdom 1 hour ago
Belfast John... It was a humerous remark


JohnM Melbourne 1 hour ago
Surley someone has made a list of six types of scientists ...


Reality_MIrror Fallbrook United States 1 hour ago
1) Annoying 2) obsessed with useless information 3) hired to distract 4) completely sold out 5) merely frivolous and 6) possibly insane.

 1)恼人的 2)对没用的信息着迷的 3)被雇佣去分散注意力的 4)为了售卖的 5)仅仅无聊的 6)可能疯了的。

Kimmy Kimz San Fernando Trinidad and Tobago 31 minutes ago
Haha true.

 哈哈 没错。

Pell Birmingham United Kingdom 1 hour ago
Surely the role of any parent is to educate by example.


Erica Dorset United Kingdom 49 minutes ago
that's what this study is about of course


Myopioncounts London United Kingdom 1 hour ago
IT doesn't matter how you bring children up if they don't respect you when they get older you've lost.


Nick Fife United Kingdom 1 hour ago
Surely how you bring them up affects their respect for you?


jamie79 sydney 25 minutes ago
thats what he said nick.


milkgirl Central Coast Australia 2 hours ago
no matter what type of parent you've been you'll still get nothing for mothers' day birthday or Christmas no love no gratitude no love - being a parent is overrated.

 不管你是什么类型的父母, 在母亲节,生日或者圣诞节那天,孩子不会给你送礼物,没有感恩,没有爱——为人父母这件事被高估了。

Renee New Zealand 1 hour ago
In fact I don't (and never have) care if I don't get a single thing on those days because if they're not caring on all the other days of the years then the gift or recognition means diddly sqwat!

 实际上,我不在乎有没有在这些节日里收到礼物,从来没在乎过。因为如果在其余的时间里不关心我, 那么这些礼物就是一堆废物。