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A tragic story has sparked outrage across the Chinese internet today of a heavily pregnant woman who jumped to her death from a hospital window after her family repeatedly refused to allow her to have a cesarean section.

今天 一件悲惨的事情在中国网络上引起了公愤 一位临产的孕妇被她的家人反复拒绝许可她做剖腹产手术后从医院大楼的窗户跳出后坠亡 .


The 26-year-old woman surnamed Ma arrived at the maternity ward of a hospital in Yulin Shaanxi province last Wednesday already more than 41 weeks pregnant. According to a statement from the hospital published by China Business News doctors examined Ma and found that the fetal head was very large meaning that a vaginal delivery would likely be risky. Therefore they recommended a C-section.

这位姓马的26岁女性上周三入住陕西省榆林市医院妇产科的时候已经怀孕超过41周了 .
据医院在《第一财经日报》上发表的声明 医生们给马女士做检查 发现胎儿的头部很大 以至于自然分娩可能会有风险 . 因此他们建议进行剖腹产.

However Ma's family insisted on a natural birth refusing to give their permission for a cesarean. In China family members must give consent before a patient undergoes surgery so the doctors' hands were tied. They repeatedly tried to get the family to grant permission for the operation but to no avail.

然而马家人坚持要自然分娩 拒绝同意剖腹产手术.  在中国 给病人手术前必须经过家庭成员许可 所以医生们有些束手束脚 . 他们反复尝试取得家属的手术许可 但是没能成功.

On Thursday Ma herself even walked out of the maternity ward two times to plead with her family members explaining to them that the pain was becoming just too much for her to bear. Still the family refused to relent.

周四 马女士甚至两次自己走出产房恳求她的家人同意剖腹产 解释说分娩的疼痛太过剧烈 她无法承受 . 可她的家人依旧不肯 .

Then at around 8 p.m. that night Ma fell from a fifth-floor window of the ward killing herself and her fetus. Police have ruled that it was a suicide.

然后在晚上8点左右 她从5楼产房的窗户跳出 与胎儿一同身亡. 警方判定是自杀.

The report fails to explain why Ma's family was so against her having a cesarean. In the past China has been criticized for its soaring C-section rates though a recent study found that rates are lower than previously reported with around 35% of Chinese babies delivered by cesarean rather than vaginal birth about the same percentage as in the United States.

这篇报道并没有解释,马家 为什么如此反对她选择剖腹产。过去,中国长期因极高的剖腹产率而饱受批评,然而近期研究表明,中国的剖腹产比例比之前报道的来得低,只有大约35%的孕妇通过剖腹产生子,相当于美国的比例。

On Chinese social media the story has been widely shared sparking anger and calls for reform. "Besides the pregnant woman there's no need to ask anyone else their opinion" reads one Weibo comment with more than 40000 likes. "A married woman is not some tool for producing babies how can people still be so ignorant these days!" reads another comment. Meanwhile others have called for the family to face punishment for their refusals.

在中国的社交媒体上,这个故事被广泛传播并激起了怒火和变革的呼声。“除了产妇本人的意愿,她不需要参考任何人的意见。”一条超过40000赞的微博评论如是写道。“一个结了婚的女人不是某种生产孩子的工具,而人们至今如此漠视这一点。”另一条评论写道。 与此同时,有一些人认为这家人应当因他们的拒绝受到惩罚。 


Jasper Sapien
'In China family members must give consent before a patient undergoes surgery' - what the hell?


Rainbow Warrior
trying to make sense in this country? it's like trying to understand what pugster and banlas barf out.

想要了解这个国家?这就像试图了解pugster和banlas barf out。(pugster只找到有款珠宝首饰品牌是这个,banlas谷歌翻译里说是菲律宾语言--声音)

Not Chinese
WoW great example. Something that happened once where the doctor is being sued for his actions compared to the law in china where women don't have rights to their own bodies. Keep trying though.


John Lee
WTF better not be rich and sick in China because your gold digger wife or kids might just refuse surgery so they can *inherit* your money.

见鬼 在中国最好别太有钱 也别生病 . 因为你见钱眼开的妻子或者孩子可能只要拒绝给你的手术签字 那他们就能"继承"你的钱了 .

WTF? That's f*cked up. Why can't she decide herself? Women's rights and medical ethics with Chinese characteristics. Repulsive.......... At least the netizens agree........

搞什么鬼? 太扯了. 为什么她自己不能为自己做决定? 真是中国特色的妇女权利和医学道德啊 . 真是丑恶的........至少网民们是同意的............

Rainbow Warrior
this is called democracy by forced implemented from top down the leader of the country down to the babies

这就是自上而下强制执行的民主了 上至国家领导 下至婴儿.

Well 271 women died in childbirth in 2010 in Japan. They don't think women should have pain free births. 17 out of the 271 who died had opted for the epidural.

好吧 2010年日本有271名女性死于分娩. 他们不认为妇女用得到无痛分娩 . 271名死者中只有17人选择了硬膜外镇痛. 

"A string of tragedies is giving epidurals an even worse rep than before in Japan"

"一系列的悲剧让硬膜外阵痛在日本的名声更糟了 "

That is so backwards... no one else should have any say on the method of delivery except for the pregnant woman.

这太落后了...... 除了产妇本人,其他人没有任何权利决定妊娠方式。

in-case she isn' t fully aware of what is happening (because of pain killers?)
and the doctors wont risk the responsibility if something does go wrong.


don mario
Gross. When your family is this stupid just disown them. Filial pietying yourself to death is a better choice?


"When your family is this stupid just disown them"
She just did the ultimate disown.


2-sided frontal lobe amputated 
it is completely silly to involve the family by law into decision of a person who is able to make their own decision. Absolutely no-go!
But that c-section thing generally is used by far too often.


B. A. English
So it seems that a pregnant woman still has the same rights as they gave her when she was just a little girl.


Ronald J Bastyr
I can imagine the pain she must've been feeling so sad her family didn't

我可以想象她必须承受的痛苦 真可惜她的家人没能体会到.

This is the thing I hate about Chinese families...although there are many things I love also.
Families are there to give you love and support...and advise you where necessary.
Chinese families need to learn when to butt out.


Sad thing that no one cared to think of the child about to be born.

可悲的是没人替正要出生的孩子着想 .

John Moore
Definitely laws that need to eb reformed but I'm going to play the Devil's Advocate. Why is no one asking "Who in the right mind would commit suicide also homocide by killing an infant inside her because she didn't want to have a natural birth?" No mother that I 


Stephanie Siller Smith
A woman who is in so much pain that she would rather die. You have to imagine that she was very desperate. It has nothing with not wanting to deliver naturally. She could not deliver naturally. The baby was stuck. Try having some empathy. Seriously.


Yup  John Moore
Why the actual fûck would you think playing the devil's advocate is appropriate here?