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I like Grandma Ma's Tofu (Ma Po Tofu) the most. In fact I love tofu. But one day one of my friends commented that tofu contains lots of estrogen so I lost my Asian masculinity.




[–]tan_guan 9 指標 10小時前
It's hard to go past a good bowl of noodles, of almost any type. Dandanmian, niuroumian, daoxiaomian, mifen, lamian, huimian, there's just so many types of mian and they are all so good if done well.
The problem is that for every place that does a perfect non-laduzi-inducing meal which is also filling and nutritional, there are dozens if not hundreds of places serving up absolute garbage.


[–]teaandpeanutsUnited States 6 指標 11小時前
i love gan bian dou jiao


[–]DarkSkyKnightUnited States[S] 2 指標 11小時前
Me too 


[–]aelephant 3 指標 10小時前

2 dishes which, thankfully, my wife makes really well :)


[–]TheRealSamBellUnited States 3 指標 10小時前
I don't like the texture of 西红柿炒鸡蛋.... just feels like mush to me


[–]rockyrainy 1 指標 7小時前
Instead of scrambling your eggs do it over and easy.


[–]dandmcdUnited States 1 指標 9小時前
Braised Pork is always awesome.
I tried the tomatoes and egg thing before, and I really didn't enjoy it, but I know a lot of foreigners rave about it.


[–]aelephant 1 指標 5小時前
We found the meat for braised pork is super cheap here in the US, probably because Westerners don't really go for it. The pieces with skin, fat, and meat are the best. Nom nom nom.


[–]SporkerismUnited States 4 指標 10小時前
I gan bian si ji dou (the green beans) 


[–]iwazaruu 4 指標 10小時前
kung pao chicken
suan la bai cai
best goddamn bowl of beef noodles is conveniently just a five minute walk away
ken de ji


[–]DarkSkyKnightUnited States[S] 1 指標 10小時前
It tastes like gutter oil


[–]khuang91 2 指標 6小時前
Yo chinese KFC is amazing


[–]dandmcdUnited States 4 指標 9小時前
Like the most: 梅菜扣肉 meicai kourou. I love this dish, the flavor really stands out, the sweet preserved mustard greens and braised steamed pork belly is a great combo. 东坡肉 Dongpo Rou is another pork dish I can't get enough of.
Not a dish per se, but I love, love, love fuzhu 腐竹。I discovered this from a Rainy's Mom's cooking, and have been addicted ever since. You can buy it easily off JD, and it's simple to prepare, the flavor is awesome for something that is essentially just dried froth coming up from cooking tofu.
Also, I love Hunan and Sichuan dishes. Sichuan is so much more than gongbaojiding and hot pot. I enjoy cold noodle dishes like 涼面 liang mian and especially cold noodles in red oils or garlic sauce. 回锅肉 hui guo rou is one of my favorites. Chengdu dan dan noodles are amazing.

I hate: I'm not a seafood guy, so I really really don't like most of it here. But I really really don't like the fish, they haven't learned the art of filleting a fish, so you just get a mess of bones, scales and fish parts still attached inside a swimming pool of oil.
Also gong bao ji ding 宫保鸡丁 and La zi Ji 辣子鸡. You are lucky to get edible chicken usually with this dish, and they just make it fucking hot without actually giving it taste. And the laduzi afterwards is the worst. Fortunately, you can cook this one easy from home, and buy higher quality chicken, use fresh veggies, and use good peppers that aren't sitting in a vat of gutter oil all day. I love to cook this dish.
Also spare ribs 排骨 pai gu. Nothing is more wonderful than eating unedible bones and spitting big chunks onto your table like a dog. Hell, any dish where you need a napkin or extra plate to spit out the gristle and bones is shitty, with the only exception being chicken drumsticks or wings.



[–]Wanderer_Takezo 3 指標 8小時前
Deep fried stinky tofu is amazing; Hainan Chicken is legit too.


[–]HautamakiCanada 3 指標 10小時前
I like Beijing duck and barbecue lamb leg best. Everything else I feel is pretty average for the most part.


[–]TheRealSamBellUnited States 3 指標 10小時前
I fucking love changfen 


[–]Geometric 2 指標 10小時前

蟹黄豆腐 the best. really unsure how i could ever make it myself though. 锅包肉 红烧茄子 these are classics.

蟹黄豆腐是最棒的。虽然我不确定我能不能自己做。 锅包肉 红烧茄子这些也很经典。

[–]WuQianNian 2 指標 8小時前
Xinjiang foods pretty good. I like the fried bread with mutton.


[–]WuQianNian 2 指標 8小時前
Found myself getting sick of baozi after a while


[–]Aan2007 1 指標 7小時前
never understood the hype over baozi, everytime i go to Hangzhou restaurant they have prepared baskets of baozi but must prepare completely new jiaozi for me since apparently 95% of Chinese herd prefer baozi with not much filling over much juicier jiaozi. i get the reason size wise, but taste wise is no brainer


[–]pixelpiraterVietnam 2 指標 7小時前
Baozi. For some strange reason, my family mostly eat them on Mid Autumn Festival, not mooncakes.


[–]anirishman15Ireland 2 指標 3小時前
I'm a huge proponent of a good bowl of 炸酱面. Esp the stuff loaded with MSG. Yum.


[–]RogueAngelXCanada 1 指標 10小時前
I didn't think foreigners who just ate at Western fast food places existed in China; I thought it was a hoax. Why would any laowai come to a foreign country and not eat the local food?
That was until I met one. He spent all his time at Starbucks and Pizza Hut. I wanted to strangle him.


[–]TheRealSamBellUnited States 4 指標 10小時前
Serious question: do you feel special because you eat more Chinese food than that guy?

一个 严肃的问题:你觉得特别是因为你比那个家伙吃更多的中国菜吗?

[–]RogueAngelXCanada -1 指標 10小時前
Uhh... No. I don't even live in China currently.


[–]TheRealSamBellUnited States 4 指標 10小時前
So why do you care what that guy ate?


[–]RogueAngelXCanada -1 指標 10小時前
It confirmed something I didn't think was true until I went there myself.


[–]TheRealSamBellUnited States 3 指標 9小時前
So when you see Chinese people eating at Chinese restaurants in Canada do you feel like strangling them as well?


[–]whiskey_bud 2 指標 7小時前
A better analogy would be Chinese tour groups, who go to Europe, and only eat shitty Chinese food for two weeks solid. And to answer your question, yes, I'd like to strangle them as well.


[–]TheRealSamBellUnited States 1 指標 27 minutes ago
I don't really think that's a fair analogy. That guy was angry at a foreigner who lived here in China. If you live here then of course from time to time you want to eat at a western restaurant. If you're just here for a short holiday then it's different.


[–]TheDark1Australia 0 指標 3小時前
One of my students just did the Europe tour. I asked her about it this week.
Me: What did you like about Switzerland?
Her: The food was very good.
Me: What kind of food did you eat there?
Her: Chinese food every day.
Me: (throws chair through window)


[–]laowailaoshistyleUnited States 2 指標 10小時前
That's actually pretty common in Guangzhou from my experience and I know lots of these people, mainly because in my Tier 1 the Western chain restaurants are relatively clean and the local "Chinese" food is such garbage and not cheap. It was much better before the financial crisis, I think, but I could be wrong because I only ate in Chinese restaurants every day for about a year or two before my body just demanded I stop it (2009), although not because of acute symptoms, such as diarrhea. The horrendous crap they use to create profit margin and the shitty cookware is a serious problem. Or not. Enjoy, be happy, consume more.
I like gong bao ji ding.


[–]derrickcopeUnited States 1 指標 10小時前
I love zongzi, red bean on the other hand is a least favorite.

我爱粽子,另一方面我最不喜欢红豆 。