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We've all heard that nearly half of all marriages in the U.S. end in divorce (whether the stat is accurate is another story).
But how well do you know divorce rates from around the world?



QUESTION: In 2010, which country's divorce rate rose for the first time in almost a decade? 
a) Canada
b) Italy
c) Thailand
d) The UK
In 2010, there were 119,589 divorces in England and Wales, an increase of 5 percent from the previous year, the Telegraph reported.
The jump, which some experts suggested was an effect of the 2008-2009 recession, marked the first time that the divorce rate had risen in almost a decade.

问: 在2010年,哪个国家的离婚率近十年来第一次上升? 
a) 加拿大
b) 意大利
c) 泰国
d) 英国
答: 英国

QUESTION: Three of 10 divorces in this European country were said to be the product of men exhibiting "unusually close attachment" to their mothers.
a) France
b) Italy
c) Spain
d) Germany
ANSWER: Italy 
In 2006, the Guardian reported on a poll that suggested three out of 10 marriages in Italy failed due to the unusually close attachment some Italian men had to their their mothers.
"In Italy there still exists a sort of mother love that is excessive," psychologist Dr. Annamaria Cassanese told the paper. "For example, you will see mothers crying at the weddings of their sons, but they are not crying for joy, they are crying because they feel devastated."

问: 在这个欧洲国家中,三分之一的离婚据说是由于男性对他们的母亲表现出"异常亲密的依赖感"。
a) 法国
b) 意大利
c) 西班牙
d) 德国
答: 意大利 

QUESTION: What Asian country's post office offered newlyweds a chance to write love letters to each other that would be sent seven years later, as a way counter the rising divorce rate?
a) China
b) Vietnam
c) South Korea
d) Singapore
In 2011, the BBC reported that China's state-run post-office had begun offering couples a service where love letters they wrote to each other at the time would be sent seven years into their marriages. With the country's divorce rate on the rise, the thought was that the love notes would stave off splits, reminding potentially divorcing couples why they got together in the first place.

问: 亚洲哪个国家的邮局为新婚夫妇提供了一个写情书给对方的机会,并在7年后将情书寄给对方,以此来应对不断上升的离婚率?
a) 中国
b) 越南
c) 南韩
d) 新加坡
答: 中国

QUESTION: When the divorce rate among retirees soared in this country in the 2000s, experts blamed "retired husband syndrome." 
a) Croatia
b) Japan
c) Cuba
d) South Africa

ANSWER: Japan 
Between 1985 and 2000, the divorce rate among Japanese couples married for 20 years doubled and then some, ABC News reported in 2006.
According to the BBC, experts blamed "retired husband syndrome," explaining that many "salarymen" (who had lived elsewhere for work) came home to find that they barely knew their spouses. 

问: 这个国家退休人员之间的离婚率自21世纪以来激增,专家归结于"退休丈夫综合征"。 
a) 克罗地亚
b) 日本
c) 古巴
d) 南非
答: 日本 

QUESTION: A 2011 study showed that 48 percent of parents in this country had split by their children's 16th birthdays.
a) Sweden
b) The UK
c) Australia
d) Argentina
A 2011 Centre for Social Justice study showed that 48 percent of children in the UK were likely to see their parents split before they reached 16. Ten years prior, the rate was 40 percent. 

a) 瑞典
b) 英国
c) 澳大利亚
d) 阿根廷
答: 英国

QUESTION: Which country has the highest divorce rate in the world? 
a) Austria
b) Brazil
c) Russia
d) Philippines
ANSWER: Russia 
Russia, the largest country in the world, lives up to its size by boasting the highest known divorce rate -- 5 divorces per 1000 people, according to the 2010 United Nations Demographic Yearbook.

问: 哪个国家拥有世界上最高的离婚率? 
a) 澳大利亚
b) 巴西
c) 俄罗斯
d) 菲律宾
答: 俄罗斯


120 Fans 10:06 AM on 06/06/2012 
How about people taking more time to get to know a person before marriage so they don't freak out and end up divorced because the person who you married is not the one you thought he or she was or would be? Sounds like the best thing to do...stop rushing right into a relationship, sexual or otherwise. Better to know who or what you are getting yourself involved with upfront than on the backend.


kenolshein 70 Fans 05:38 PM on 06/05/2012
the best way to survive a divorce is to not be ugly and have money


auntamedwolf 17 Fans 02:49 PM on 06/05/2012 
I hate saying this, but responsibility is out the window, fun is more important now. For better or worse has gone to the dogs. Marriage has always been hard work and goals. Now it is more like make me happy or else. Love gets confused with passion and wild hormones. Newsflash, after about 3 month that feeling will settle down, by then only trust and the goals to work on are left. If children are involved there is even more responsibility to handle. I know many snuff at arranged marriages and such, but those have a far better chance to survive, due to the fact that they are there for a different purpose, besides hormones gone wild. And no your spouse is not required to take care of you and no your older wife is not required to give in to every one of your wimps. Albeit that does not allow the "neglected" spouse to go for divorce because they so unhappy. Now if you get beaten or otherwise abused, that does call for a divorce, the partner has no respect left in that case. Other than that there should be a way to work things out. Adultery is optional for divorce, depends on the situation. A commitment is usually not easy and the grass is not greener on the other side. My two cents worth on this. 
By the way Love is caring for another in any aspect of life, not a hormone driven wild ride. Just saying


jdl7117 180 Fans 12:11 PM on 06/05/2012 
Do you know why Divorce is expensive?... because it's worth it.


pslcitizen 259 Fans 11:53 AM on 06/05/2012 
My divorce was the best thing I ever did for myself. Divorce happens between individuals for various reasons & comparing rates across countries doesn't tell the real story.


jokerdano 57 Fans 10:28 AM on 06/05/2012 
People in the middle east don't get divorce. One reason men can cheat and wife can be stone to death if they say any thing. You just have to love the muslim world.


doctorcycoe 30 Fans 04:24 AM on 06/04/2012 
Want to get married? Be sure to sign a pre-nuptual. ALWAYS. bottom line.


Theanswer007 58 Fans 04:43 PM on 06/04/2012 
And be careful nonetheless. Feminists are already writing books on how to beat the prenup system. Even post-prenups are sometimes overridden in court.


May be better to not enter this union in the first place.


gunslinger012000 38 Fans 02:23 AM on 06/04/2012 
Want to avoid divorce? Don't get married.


InventPeace 63 Fans 01:54 AM on 06/04/2012 
Mail order brides don't exist anymore because immigration is so difficult, they have to actually meet each other first nowadays. Many foreign bride and grooms too, find happiness, but western society seems to look down on the age gap while in europe its normal for many to have a larger gap in age, I've been in restaurants where 25% of the couples looked like a big age gap in eastern europe, the women want the security and protection the older man can provide (younger men just haven't found themselves yet many times)... and the man prefers a woman that is so attractive he will never leave her, it works, they stay married mostly". In the west its expected to be ok for a woman do marry/date younger, but not the men,,, its kinda taboo for more than about 10 years max age gap, which is really sad, because its the same problem here, just not recognized (younger men just haven't gotten to a point where they can really provide a solid living for the woman (and more and more women are preferring to stay at home with the kids so that adds fuel to the issue). Hope I don't sound biased, just telling you what I and many others have observed. For example an 83 yr old woman and 24 yr old man got married and went on tv show, they got a standing ovation, now they condemn Hugh for same idea?


Julie Martinez Barker 3 Fans 12:23 AM on 06/04/2012 
I know someone who got a mail order bride from russia I'm sure that sham of marriage wont last long shes legal now lol


arakuzi 123 Fans 12:08 AM on 06/04/2012 
Well, if every couple that just leave together here is U.S. actually gets married, we would win in divorce rate by far


Mira59 58 Fans 11:30 PM on 06/03/2012 
The scarry part according to one very funny Chinese comedian is that 50% of marriages last FOREVER...


jankantius 113 Fans 09:15 PM on 06/03/2012 
My fourth wife has outlasted the others. We have 10 years under the belt. Although she has a weird habit of sleeping with her head at my feet and her feet in my face, I love caressing her feet when she is falling off to sleep. I regret my divorces because I feel they deserved better than I was with them. The thing about my wife is that we talk way more casually than I was able to do with the others. My first two were conversational disasters. The first was just outrageously beautiful, but our conversation was simply bickering over everything. The second wife was just too hot. Sex seemed to be the only thing we had in common. The third was just too meticulous. She showered twice a day, was constantly brushing her teeth and complained that the things I did to please her were disgusting.. though she screamed when I did them. I met my fourth on line and we fell in love through conversation. We pretty much have no sex life... but there is no end of kissing and embracing. Every time I glance at her I feel in love. It's all about the way we talk. And we do tend to cry together at the appropriate moment in a romantic movie.


houseiowapark 199 Fans 09:05 PM on 06/03/2012 
The Chinese have a good idea. When I talk to couples who are divorcing and have children, I point at the kids and remind them they loved and were hot and heavy for one another at one time. What happened? They thought only of themselves, that is what happened.


simmersck 139 Fans 08:27 PM on 06/03/2012 
The difference between divorce in Russia and the US are??? The Russky men still have money for Vodka after to drown their sorrows...while US men have to take on another job to pay the alimony and child support for years, and years to come. Sobering.

俄罗斯人和美国人之间离婚的区别是什么? 俄罗斯男人沉醉于伏特加里,希望借此埋藏痛苦......而美国男人就必须支付高额的赡养费和子女抚养权多年。这几年来发生的确实发人深省。

Mira59 58 Fans 11:37 PM on 06/03/2012 
How little do we know. Russians are assigned a place of residence, which is stamped in their passport. So many divorced couples end up living in an apartment ( if they are lucky), on the oppsite side of the place. Some are not so lucky, and have to literally share the same room divided by a screen or a wall unit. Now, that is sobering. By the way Vodka is a lot more expensive here, so is college. Russian kids get the shaft because of deadbeat fathers. American fathers fail to understand that if SHE does not get it, neighter do the kids. Either way, your Russian counterparts are no better than you. ( I feel the first dagger in my back already. Spare me the hate replies)


accelerando 200 Fans 09:21 AM on 06/02/2012 
Virulently anti-gay Russia has the world's highest divorce rate. And I thought it was supposed to be the gays who were destroying marriages.


Candide33 3523 Fans 08:03 AM on 06/02/2012 
AW... that thing about the Chinese post office holding love letters for 7 years was SOOOOOOOO cute! I love it!!!!