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Chinese swimmer Sun Yang didn’t take his loss in Saturday’s 400m freestyle very wellbursting into tears in front of reporters at the aquatics center down in Rio de Janeiro. 


Sun’s fans didn’t take it particularly well either taking to the social media accounts of gold medalist Mack Horton and charging the 20-year-old Australian swimmer with “taunting” “mind tricks” and poor sportsmanship. 



Horton admitted that the pre-race comments were an attempt to put Sun off-balance and they apparently worked. But Sun isn’t completely innocent when it comes to mind games and poor sportsmanship. The Sydney Morning Herald reported that Sun splashed and tried to distract Horton during Thursday’s practice sessions. 


Sun was also accused of kicking and elbowing a female swimmer at last year’s world championships. 



Charles14 minutes ago 
He's a cheater and got caught so he has only himself to blame. The Chinese are very similar to the Russians - always cheating stealing and lying with full government approval because that's their m.o. as well. 


mike8 hours ago 
Ism't the freestyle actually the Australian crawl? 


Rocketboy6 hours ago 
No! You are trespassing on Horton sovereignty. 


victor10 hours ago 
Is it time to apologize to the Chinese again? Taiwan is sponsoring an apology contest. Maybe the contest needs to be expanded worldwide. 


Dean11 hours ago 
Boo hoo hoo. A cheat is a cheat and I feel that Olympics state national world competition should perm ban anyone caught cheating perm. 
Steroids and such build muscles that are not natural to the person and they reap the benefits as long as they keep working it even after stopped. Cheat 


A Yahoo reader11 hours ago 
So the #$%$ demand an apology after their guy has relentlessly taunted anyone within earshot. It's impossible to take these clowns seriously. 


rhonda d9 hours ago 
I hope he does not apologize for something that is part of competition which tests the character and the will of an athlete. Sun can dish it out but he cannot take it! 
Speaks toward his character. 


RonS9 hours ago 
There's no crying in the Olympics! 


Ian11 hours ago 
Just find a way taunting back. No apology is necessary ! 


Mark8 hours ago 
Please folks How about a bit of decorum here? The world is watching. Let's try to act appropriately. Let's try to set an example for everone even Hillary & Donald. 


k p11 hours ago 
In your opinion 
Which is worse? 
The lack of sportsmanship as it used to be or the incessant whining from the offended class that has no ability to handle any adversity 


A Yahoo reader12 hours ago 
The Aussies are tough. Mack Horton did not say anything untrue. If he used it to his advantage that is Sun's problem. 


Brian11 hours ago 
Why is he eating his medal? Aren't those things expensive? 


Gordon7 hours ago 
Sportsmanship is not a part of modern sports and certainly not part of the Olympics. Too much money and fame on the line. 


Tom7 hours ago 
Do you understand that you can't demand an apology? They said what is on their mind and if it insulted you or your people tough #$%$. An apology from them would be forced and mean nothing as to what is it intended to do. It's a show of dominance to make someone take back their words. Therefore what you are really after is dominance. Try it and be curb stomped. 


Andy8 hours ago 
Sounded like Hillary calls Trump a liar. 


cash6 hours ago 
This is why the whole world need to have "safe zones" like Colleges and Universities in the USA. Since all of our youth and graduates are such wu$$es I think it only fair that we wimp out the rest of the world. My spin on it is that the "safe zone" be in Antarctica or the Mojave desert and once you enter the Wuss "safe zone" you can never leave. Please. 


It'SGunnaCostYaMore11 hours ago 
2020 A.D. In an unusual move the World has agreed to International Rules and Regulations in regards to "Social Media" you can now be indited tried and convicted for ANYTHING YOU SAY and ANYBODY can convict you... 


Mr Podman11 hours ago 
Leave your sportsmanship in your locker. 


AAR12 hours ago 
Why is Yahoo focusing on the petty tabloid stuff? 
Pretty much tells you the people working at yahoo. 


eater11 hours ago 
I'm convinced we're living in the Age of the Offended. 


Calendula12 hours ago 
Umm...Sun Yang should first apologize for all of the things he has done and said. He is not innocent and while two wrongs don't make a right if he can't take the heat he needs to stay out of the kitchen! Stop whining China! 


PAMI12 hours ago 
The Chinese dude should not be competing as per Olympic rule! End of story. Sorry Chinese fans...no sympathy here. 


Keiff Murray12 hours ago 
Just more of the communist ideology saying "we should respect our feelings". Boohoo! Reminds me of another ideology that says we can't criticize them because they are too sensitive. Get over yourselves. If talking $&?! is what screws up a competitor then by all means talk that $&@!.