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这个纪录片记录了5个中学生准备高考的一年。它们的未来 可能深受这次结果的影响。

their futures depend on a strong performance on the national college entrance exam. The winners will be tomorrow's lawyers, corporate executives, and civil servants, who hope to make China's economy the largest in the world. 




Yoel Cohen says: 
August 13, 2008 at 1:39 am
It is no surprise that China with 1.2 billion people did not produce as many inventions for the past 5000 years as United States did in the last 250 years.
Their education system does not allow free thinking or thinking out of the box, it is rigid and memorizing material. China recent economic success comes from cheap labor and time will tell that will not be enough to sustain growth for long time.
The professor from Harvard which was interviewed, after the programed aired, think that the Chinese system is good one,Bill Gates never will hire her to work in his organization.By the way my son was a late bloomer and he is now a Medical doctor.


China Prep should be mandatory "Must See" for every teacher in Louisiana, and I mean every teacher at every grade level.
All American teachers and parents should see this series.
Parents had better wake up to the enormity of the effect (approx. 150 Million) Chinese children today (at the age of fourteen) will have on the world intellectual market after they graduate from college in the year 2017.
This program should be scheduled at least once every month.


August 13, 2008 at 4:26 pm
This was an interesting program and I think that many students here should watch this and hopefully gain some insight as to what other countries are doing to develop their students at such early age.
But one thing that this program fails to do is what happens next. In my many years of research I found that many Asian countries such as China, South Korea and Japan, it is very tough, if not just about impossible to get into a good University. But once you're in, just about everyone graduates with minimal studies and as long as you show up for the lectures and do your homework. That's the way it goes. Here in the U.S., however, getting into a University can be tough but not impossible. The toughest part is graduating from it…


Tatiana Davis says: 
August 19, 2008 at 10:50 pm
Sorry for my English if you see any mistakes. I'm 52 years Ukrainian who live in US 12 yrs and US citizen since 2000. It's very hard to make a comment to such amaizing programm. Thank you very much for making it. I wish all American would be able to see it. I'd do it mandatory for all schools, and for all parents also. I only would like to say this – when children are very poor and abused, they become an angry adults. When children have all they need and tons more- they become indeferent. There are a thin line in beetwen, I call it a Balance. I saw a great desire to study, to learn, to succeed in life, to break through. And doing it all in very prudent conditions. Sorry to say, but I dont see such desire to learn in American schools.This is a very deep concern and I don't see it will be address any time soon. I fear instead some people would use all available energy to attack someone who trying to speak common sence.This is very unfortunate, as facts will stay the same,even if you try to ignore them. US kids is not prepare to compete with Chinese kids at all. Yes, I agree, in free market society imagination works much better( only if you have a desire for imagination). I think we are witness a historical breakthrough a whole country of China. Their hard work and desire so great, that some 10-20 years from now no one will be able to compete.My granddaughter is 11 yrs old, and although she is very good student in Ukrainian school now, I don't see she is ready to compete also.Here we are getting into another deep point- are we really need to full forward so fast? Looking at Japan now, you can only work hard and study hard so much. If your life will become robot like, what the point of that life at all?! As you see, If China will push own people over the limit, then another countries will do the same, what a World we are going to live?? How many T-shirts we need, or new cars, or new mobile phone or ipods? World will be devided on countries who are so ahead and countries who are so behind, like some in African continent, or tribes in Amazonia.Hard to say who is winner and looser here. Who is going to stop and smell roses? And if we will have roses at all or no one will care anymore?!Sorry for so many questions in my comment. The only one thing for sure- we can't stop China now. Aducational system in place, desire is there. Watch it.Prepare yourself.If you can.I just LOVE PBS!!!



J.L. says: 
March 16, 2009 at 4:34 am
I agree with Jason. The Higher Education system in the United States is much better than the primary and secondary one. We are also better than the East Asian College Systems. I think the primary reason for that is the *individual* students are held accountable for their own performances — if you don't make the grades you are out. So the lesson here is that accountability works and competition works.I think the Chinese case is extreme in that it over-emphasizes the results of two entrance exams (because of the limited educational resource available to a poor country with 1.2 billion people all wanting to go to college. They *have to* ration it). And the failings of American education system are that the students are not held to any meaningful academic standards from K-12 and academic excellence is not encourage as much as it should by society. It would be the best to introduce a system that holds the students responsible, not just the teachers and the parents, but the students themselves for their own successes.Generally speaking, I get the sense of a old man who is "fat and lazy" watching young people who are "lean and hungry". Inspires me to work a little harder and appreciate what I have. But it also scares me just a little knowing that they will be entering the work force in 4-years :)




Zhong Xiang says: 
September 18, 2009 at 5:32 am
This documentary is amazing, and very touching. It reminds me of my own Gaokao 8 years ago. And I see through it the hard-working people of my country. While as most people of my generation I don't like our communist government, I see a nation worth my contribution to make it a better place, and 1.3 billion people who I will devote myself to. Thanks to PBS.


YeEun Kim:
i wanna go to school in china! nobody in the states is as serious as me 
in school and i feel so out of place when i get excited to study :(


They get bullied by their parents, teachers, fellow students and 
society if they don't do well. It's a horrible system. Look at Finland


The parents aren't the issue, it's the system. Look at Finland 


greenpalaka :
this is all the pain that we held with in our teen years just to be 
accepted to the elite and to be perfected and most white assed people 
treat us as a joke...


It's all very nice to talk abou this from your perspective. but it does 
not represent the truth. the 'real' world is a different place for 
different people. Man, the only thing you have better than those people 
are you might be born in a place there is no need for craving success. 
coz every body could live on government benefits. I don't think there's 
anything wrong of craving for success. empower yourself, before you 
craving about 'saving the world'. lol~~~~