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【中英双语】Things Never Shared in the Office 不该在职场分享的事

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Things Never Shared in the Office 

Painful chitchat on a train is one thing, but workplace TMI (TOO MUCH INFORMATION) isits own monster. At work, oversharing can damage your reputation, make your co-workers avoid you in the hallway and even damage your career.



Here are 11 things you shouldn’t share while on the clock.


1. Medical history. Hospitals and human resources departments are prohibited by law from giving out your medical information for a reason. People have a tendency to adjust their behavior when they find out you have, or had, a medical condition. They might treat you like a sick child or make you an outcast.

1. 你的既往病史。法律禁止医院与人力资源部门以任何原因泄露你的健康信息。当他人发现如果你有或曾有过健康问题,他们往往会改变对你的态度——待你犹如生病的小孩或直接将你踢出他们的生活圈。

2. Confidential work information. Hey, did you hear who’s getting fired? You—because you couldn’t keep private information to yourself.

2. 机密信息。嗨,你知道谁被炒鱿鱼了吗?没错,就是你——因为你口风不严,泄露了许多工作机密。

3. Plans to quit: When you’re hunting for a new job, don’t let co-workers know. Loose lips or devious motives can mean your secret search finds its way to the boss. Possible outcomes: You’re let go before you’re ready or you’re quietly pushed out.

3. 离职计划。当你寻找新工作时,绝不能让同事知道。如果你对此没能保密或者动机不纯,都可能将消息传入老板耳中。可能招致的结果:在你还没有离职前,你已经被炒掉了,或是无形中被其他同事排斥了。

4. Online venting sites. If you use your social networking profile or a blog to release frustration about your personal and work life, don’t send your co-workers a link. You’ll have to clean up your digital dirt and censor yourself from now on.

4. 发泄情绪的网站。假如你习惯用社交网站或博客来发泄你对私人生活或工作不满情绪时,绝不要让同事知道链接。你必须清除你发表过的那些对公司不利的言论,从现在开始不要在网上经常抱怨公司的种种不好。

5. Matters of the heart. Soap operas are fun to watch on TV, but they’re not fun to live. Your reputation will suffer if you come into the office in tears one day because you broke up with your significant other and then you dance down the hall the next week because you met the love of your life. Your love life isn’t as interesting to anyone else as it is to you, and people may be unable to separate your romantic life from your professional one.

5. 心事。肥皂剧确实很有趣,但如果在现实生活中上演就没那么好玩了。假如你和你的男朋友分手了,泪眼婆娑地走进办公室,下星期又因新恋情而手舞足蹈,这将会破坏你的名声。别人对你的爱情生活没那么感兴趣,而且还会使他人无法把你从你的感情生活和工作中区分开。

6. Politics. You’ve seen how out of hand political discussions can get with your family at the dinner table. Do you really want to start that kind of drama at work? Keep in mind that while yourfamily is obligated to love you no matter what, co-workers are not.

6. 政治分歧。在与家人吃饭时,你可能和你的家人因为某个政治问题而争得面红耳赤,在不愉快的争论中结束了你的晚餐,你的家人是那么无条件地爱着你,所以无论你怎么争吵,他们依然会爱你,但同事们可没有义务爱你,所以记住千万不要和同事们争得面红耳赤。

7. Salary information. Money’s a weird topic in our culture. As eager as we are to find out what other people make, we’re not as ready to divulge our earnings. Salary is associated with worth, and when your salary’s known, it invites speculation of whether you’re being over- or under compensated. Why are you getting paid that much when another person with the same qualification earns much less? Bad Bosses, Crazy Co-Workers and Other Office Idiots , also cautions that your accomplishments can be downplayed if this information is public. “You don’t want your co-workers to snivel about how you ‘don’t need the money’ every time your boss wants to give you a bonus.” Avoid the drama and gossip and keep your salary to yourself.

7. 薪资。在我们的文化中谈到钱总是有一个很怪的现象。我们渴望知道别人赚多少钱,然而自己却不愿泄露自己的薪资。薪资与身价有关,当你的薪资被公开,大家就会开始臆测你的身价到底被高估还是低估,以及为什么和你能力相当的人却领着比你少的薪酬。《坏老板、疯狂同事和其他办公室白痴》一书也告诫,此举会导致绩效被低估。每当你的老板打算给你奖金,你不会想要同事到处哭诉你并“不需要这笔钱”吧。避免流言的最好方法就是绝口不提你的薪资。

8. Religion. See politics.

8. 宗教议题。如同“政治议题”。

9. Your privileged life. Although you have the good fortune to know powerful business leaders and social butterflies, bragging about how many doors they’ve opened for you will tarnish your image.

9. 所享特权。虽然有幸认识有权势的公司老板和交际花,但吹嘘炫耀他们为你打开多少大门有损你的形象。

10. Gossip. One of the big reasons you want to keep important information to yourself is to avoid the gossip it can spur. Well, don’t play the gossip game either. Spreading rumors or secrets that you’d want kept secret isn’t going to help your career.

10. 流言蜚语。你想要保密重要资讯的重要原因之一,就是要避开伤人的流言蜚语。当然也不要玩八卦游戏,散播对职业无益的谣言或秘密。

11. Your Chris Rock routine. In an episode of “The Office”, Michael Scott gets in trouble for repeating, verbatim, a Chris Rock stand-up routine full of racially charged jokes and cuss words. Comedians get paid to be edgy, daring and even offensive. You get fired for it.

11. 不雅言论。电视剧集《办公室》中有一段情节,迈克尔•斯科特因不断重复充满种族歧视的言论与脏话而惹上麻烦。剧中演员因尖锐、鲁莽和冒犯性的话语而付出代价,而你却会因此被炒。