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School District Kicks Out 143 Kids for Not Being Vaccinated


Spokane school district officials on Monday removed from class 143 students who could not prove they had legally required vaccinations.



More than 700 students in the state's second-largest district lack complete vaccination documents, so that number was expected to rise, district spokesman Kevin Morrison said. The crackdown began Monday morning.


The Spokane district was believed to be the first in the state to take this action, Morrison said.


"We're the front-runners," he said. "Given the increased awareness that the world has of the possibility of pandemic, I think heightened awareness is certainly not a bad thing."


Students who are removed from school can return once their parents either get the required vaccinations, or sign waivers saying they were opposed to one or more vaccinations, Morrison said.


The Spokane district has about 30,000 students, and only about 729 students lack the required documentation, he said.


The recent measles outbreak across the nation pushed the district to review its vaccine compliance rate, Morrison said. What they discovered led them to change their process and insist on documentation for every child. He could not speculate on whether other school districts in the region or the state would follow.


After the measles outbreak, Spokane district officials discovered about 6 percent of their students lacked proper vaccination documentation. In February they launched a program to inform parents that their children needed vaccinations or waivers. The school district and the Spokane Regional Health District also held a series of vaccination clinics.


That helped drop the out-of-compliance rate to about 3 percent, Morrison said.


Ensuring students are vaccinated is complicated because 60 different languages are spoken by students in the Spokane district, and about 30 percent of the students leave their school each year, he said.


Tracking vaccinations is especially difficult for students who come from out-of-state or other countries, he said.


Complete documentation is important to protecting students, Morrison said. For instance, if there were a measles outbreak in a school, officials would like to know which students have not been vaccinated against the disease so they can be sent home, he said.



RightSideOfMyMind • 7 hours ago
Good for Spokane. I hope more school districts follow suit. There is absolutely no excuse (other than valid medical reasons) for school age children to not have their vaccines up to date.


Barasheit RightSideOfMyMind • 6 hours ago
Nazis. If the vacinations work, then what do the vacinated have to worry about? -- and yes my kids were vaccinated. I see no good rational reason for forced vacinations.


MidwestKris Barasheit • 6 hours ago
The real fear is for kids that have compromised immune systems and cannot get the vaccine - such as kids on chemo. And while the immunizations are about 97% effective after 2 doses, that is not 100%, so 3 out of every 100 immunized kids will get sick.
If a child is going to be in the public schools, maintaining healthy enviroment for all of the kids is a necessity. Don't want to vaccinate? Home school. But those who choose to not vaccinate do not get to decide what the norms for public schools.


Barasheit MidwestKris • 5 hours ago
"Free and appropriate education"...It is the highest of guarantees to children at the federal and state level. Even a violent child with ADHD has to be accomidated.
There are several vacinations and some of them come with the statistic of death. Can you imagine a parents guilt for signing the waiver on that one?
If a child has a compromised immune system they can get sick on the way to school or in a grocery store. The only way to garuantee they don't get sick is...Never mind, there is
none. Daddy comes home from work and that is it..that was not a reason for forced vacinations. I would however home school such a child if that child were mine.
As I said, I vacinated my children, but with the government injecting people with Syphillis, LSD and other things in the past, I can understand the distrust and the right to say no.

"自由和适当的教育"…… 这是在联邦和州政府水平下的孩子的最高保证。甚至是包容有多动症的暴力儿童。
如果孩子的免疫系统受损了,那他们在去学校或去杂货店的路上也有可能生病。保障他们不生病的唯一办法是……不好意思,根本没有。爸爸下班回到家,就是这样的. .这不是强迫接种疫苗的原因。不过如果是我的孩子,我会自己在家教他。
正如我所说的,我为我的孩子接种过疫苗,但介于以前政府曾为人民注射过梅毒, 麦角酸二乙基酰胺(一种麻醉药)和其他一些东西,我能理解公众不信任,他们有说不的权利。

steve2014 Barasheit • 2 hours ago
One person rights ends when it infringes on another person's rights. Any bozo that thinks they getting Syphilis from the MMR shot need to be deprived a free education, not the poor kid with cancer.


Mandy Gershon steve2014 • 19 minutes ago
No one should be deprived of an education.


Hosfac Barasheit • 17 minutes ago
There are so many valid reasons to distrust today's government that falling back on something that happened half a century ago is just ridiculous. Most of the people involved in those asinine experiments aren't even alive anymore, never mind in a position of authority.

It's even more ludicrous when consider the fact that vaccine production is 100% privatized. The government has no hand in making or distributing them.


nmtaxes Barasheit • 5 hours ago
I think we need to do forced abortions for anyone under 18. No one should be allowed to drink, smoke do drugs. If you don't listen to what the government says even though you pay taxes to we will deny your children and education, medical and everything. Your taxes pay for. Remember the government has your best interest at heart. Also this years flu shot only 30% effective. Ever wonder why they created a vaccine fund. Why vaccine makers have immunity and don't have to disclose contents of vaccines. But hey pump me up with more of that good stuff.


Thundherr RightSideOfMyMind • 6 hours ago
I have a friend who lives near the Texas border and he is a school teacher.
he has mentioned several times that alot of the illegal / undocumented children who show up for school are sick. he is adamant that the influx of disease from illegals slipping across the borders will be a bigger problem that al quida or isis.
he is Mexican american btw. not a racial issue with him.
he spent over a week in the hospital with severe flu like symptoms that he is certain he caught from the sick unvaccinated children in his class room.

他多次提到, 学校有很多非法/无证转入儿童生病。他坚持认为从基地组织或ISIS恐怖袭击组织悄悄越过边界的非法移民所带来的疾病将是一个更大的问题。

JakeFromState_Farm • 8 hours ago
I am glad to hear this. I hope its a trend. In my day, we were not allowed to attend school without the required proof of shots. There is no reason that should change. If you don't want to vaccinate, great. But you take on the responsibility of schooling your child at home or whatever alternative there is for that. Your decisions cannot endanger everyone else. I don't see why that is so difficult for people to understand. We eliminated all these childhood diseases with this crowd/herd vaccinating policy.


gayle JakeFromState_Farm • 6 hours ago
In my day, the only vaccines were for polio and smallpox. It was not required because they didn't have to require it--EVERYBODY got their kids vaccinated because they didn't want them to die.


CurmudgeonTx JakeFromState_Farm • 4 hours ago
My poor daughter (now passed) had to have her early (age 0 to 5) shots three times due to the ineptness of the county and their horrible filing system. They kept losing her documentation, and wouldn't accept my copy as official. After that, I decided the anti-vaxer community wasn't totally insane. I feel they have their rights and we shouldn't step on them. Individual rights are what the Constitution is all about, and without those we are all drones.

由于拙劣的县政管辖和他们可怕的文件管理系统,我可怜的女儿(已死亡)又得必须再注射三次早期(0 - 5岁)的疫苗。他们总是丢失她的文档,又不肯接受我的副本作为官方文件。在那之后,我认为反疫苗接种团体并不是完全疯了。我觉得他们有他们的权利,而我们不应该贬低他们。个人权利是受宪法保障的,如果失去了个人权利,那我们都会像无头苍蝇一样。