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An international survey on domestic violence that interviewed more than 2,000 Chinese found that half of male respondents confessed they have physically or sexually abused their wives or girlfriends.


James Lang, program coordinator of Partners for Prevention, a regional joint program by four United Nations agencies including the UN Population Fund, said "some preliminary findings are shocking".

James Lang,预防同伴项目的协调人,该项目是由联合国四个机构一起实施的,包括联合国人口基金会,说"一些起初的发现让人感到震惊。"


The survey showed that one in two men reported using physical or sexual violence against an intimate partner, one in four reported having raped a woman and one in 25 admitted to having participated in gang rape.


"Violence is a complex phenomenon. Much of the research has been focused on women, but when we try to come up with solutions to reduce violence, we have to include men. That's the whole motivation behind the study," he said.

James Lang 说道,"暴力是一个复杂的现象,过去很多的研究都是针对女性的,但是当我们试图去解决这些问题的时候,我们就需要把男性也加入到调查中来,这就是这次调查的动力所在。"

Lang made the remarks at a UN symposium on Gender-based Violence and Research on Thursday in Beijing.

James Lang周四在北京联合国性别暴力研究的研讨会上进行了发言。

The findings are part of a multi-country comparison study that has interviewed more than 10,000 men and 2,000 women between the ages of 18 and 49 from six Asia-Pacific countries - Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and Sri Lanka.


When asked about why the six countries were selected, Lang said the comparison studies try to reflect geographic and cultural diversity, but the willingness of regional governments for data collection work on the sensitive topic is another reason.

当被问及为什么选这六个国家时,James Lang说比较调查希望能够反映地理和文化上的多样性,但是地方政府对于敏感话题的数据采集工作的配合程度又是另一个原因。

He added that the study will be completed and published in July.

James Lang还补充道,这个调查将于七月完成并公布。


I am sure they interviewed 100 men from a rapist prison.


Mer cury cc 
If that study is true, then I can say the reality I perceive doesn't match the study. It doesn't match in 2 ways. First people in China don't usually have a strong fear about raping. It wasn't perceived as an issue. Second, how the fuck can rapists admit their crimes that easily? In China raping means death penalty, I I R C.


Butt Hurt Del hi Boy 
The Chinese media often mocks India for rapes, blaming them on democracy, but China has an equally bad rape problem. You just don't hear much about these because the English-language media isn't as widespread in China.
Had the following incident happened in India - it would be all over the news in US and Europe - 26 schoolgirls raped by their teacher Li Guang (article also points out that another teacher was executed for raping 58 girls two years before in Shaanxi), teacher Cheng Laifu sentenced to death for raping 18 girls, another girl gang-raped by 17 schoolboys.

如果下面的事情发生在印度,那美国和欧洲一定大幅报道了—26个校园女孩被他们的老师Li Guang强奸(文章中还提及两年前在陕西,一个老师在强奸了58个女孩之后被处死),老师Cheng Laifu也在强奸了18个女孩之后被处死,还有一个女孩被17个校园男孩轮奸。

Rw bomb c 
Everyone forgets China has a huge male surplus, 50 million more men than women. You can't expect some of them to take the fact that it is essentially impossible for them to marry, let alone have a girlfriend ever, lightly. The general rule of thumb is that when you have a lot of single men, they they tend to become unruly and violent. This has happened throughout history and today is no exception.
This is a terrible side effect of gender inbalance, China has brought this upon themselves. There will be several generations of lost men until China's demographics correct themselves at the end of the century.


Potato essay love 
But then there are a number of lesbians too.


Khan stant shoot 
Ah, so you're saying we need a war to flush out these excessive men.


New circle jerk mod 
A girl is raped in the U S every 1.3 minutes. About half of girls who are raped here are raped before they're 17. 1 out of 4 college women have experienced rape or attempted rape. 17.6% of women are raped or suffer from attempted rape at least once in their lives. It's estimated that only 11.9-28% of rapes are reported


_Disco Ninja_ 
The big difference: Chinese teacher rapes 26 schoolgirls. Sentenced to death for rape.
Bangladeshi teacher rapes 26 schoolgirls. Sentenced to death for teaching girls.


Smok 3d Salmon 
At least China is executing people for it. In comparison the U S is putting rapists in hotels with 3 meals a day for the rest of their lives...


C b f w 
"Have you ever committed rape?"
"No. Never."
"Have you ever had sex with a woman who didn't really want to have sex with you?
"Oh, yeah, of course. Who doesn't?"


Munky dog
3 in 4 people on the internet admit to raping my mom.


Gonzale zube ralles 
Something tells me that the organization, which conducted the study, is incentivized to report high sexual violence figures. More rapists found -> more public funding money -> more cash for the directors.


Moxy K
I've known a few Chinese people over the years who have taken it for granted that China is an extremely safe place (compared to the crime-ridden hell hole they take America to be). At least the folks I know seem pretty comfortable trading a free society for a safe and oppressive society.
But what they don't realize is that if there I S a good deal of crime going on, how would they know? The Chinese gov t is S O un-transparent and secretive - why? It makes sense that they would cover up crime stats in order to reassure the public that they're doing a good job.
It also makes sense that sexual violence crimes would be very under- reported. Even in America I'm sure a lot of victims still don't report sexual assault crimes, and I imagine in China the shame and other issues would be compounded.
I am not saying I am certain the stats in the article are correct. Ultimately, the Chinese govt seems to do a great job at hiding the truth so really - who knows?


The Medium Panda 
I've been in China for the past 6 years. Sure, as a foreigner you generally feel safe. Partly because violence against strangers is not common. On the other hand, there's a L O T of crime in China that never reaches the media.


Me my mine own 
Without seeing the actual study I can't say anything for sure but these drastic numbers seem too much like the fabricated numbers in Against Our Will to be of much use.
And it is important to note that the news article made no mention of domestic violence or sexual violence against men.


Pookie mon 
2000 interviewed out of half a billion males. Must be right.


Kilgore- trout dale 
China gave away too many girls. There are not enough women for every man. No excuse, but it's a problem that isn't going away.


Bee dazzled 
This wouldn't surprise me at all. I was raped at age 5 in china. Still remember it like it was yesterday.


Throw away account here. I was raped in China while teaching English as a second language by two men in a taxi cab. My boss hailed the cab and I trusted he knew it was safe for me. Don't travel alone and try not to travel at night. Those fuckers took my virginity and my trust in men. But for other reasons I won't go into here I don't regret going, I just regret trusting in the wrong people.


Spoon wood 
How was rape defined? How was the study done?


Hara shiri 
So China is the new India ?


I B C 
Ok so you interviewed 2000 people? And what is the population in China?!


sharked out 
I'm sure they will find a way to blame the Japanese.