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HONG KONG/MACAU (Reuters) - Let's hear it for the boys. China's fashion-forward men are snapping up Gucci and Burberry bags, driving a rebound in the luxury market months after a slow down in spending by the world's biggest luxury goods buyers spooked global investors.

香港/澳门 -- 让我们为这些男孩听一下。中国的时尚潮人抢购Gucci和Burberry的包。在继世界最大奢侈品买家减缓开支几个月后,中国的时尚达人驱动了奢侈品市场的反弹,这使全球投资者受到了惊吓。


Men account for about 55 percent of China's luxury goods market, well above the global average of 40 percent, according to research from brokerage CLSA, partly because businessmen often buy expensive gifts to curry favor with government officials or potential associates.


Companies such as Burberry Group Plc which sell luxe clothing and accessories benefit from this gift-giving culture, and wealthy Chinese men's penchant for designer ware.


But they are also at risk of big sales swings because men are less likely than women to splurge on discretionary purchases in times of economic uncertainty, CLSA's research shows.


"Men are not prone to impulse shopping," said Mariana Kou, CLSA's consumer and gaming analyst in Hong Kong. "They tend to wait a little if the economy is pretty uncertain."

“男人不易于即兴购物。”香港里昂证券的消费和博彩分析师Mariana Kou说:“如果经济不确定,他们倾向于等待。”

Chinese shoppers account for one-fourth of all luxury purchases globally and last year surpassed U.S. consumers to become the world's top spenders on luxury goods, according to consulting firm Bain & Co.


When China's economic growth slowed to a three-year low in the middle of last year, luxury demand dropped suddenly, sending shudders through a global market worth $280 billion last year according to Bain's estimates.


Burberry warned of weak sales in July and again in September, sparking fears of a sector-wide slump. 


But as China's growth picked up to 7.9 percent in the fourth quarter after seven straight quarters of slowdown, sales rebounded. Burberry said last week its Asia-Pacific sales rose 15 percent in the three months to December, led by China and Hong Kong, while its European business was flat and the Americas up just 2 percent.


Sales of men's clothing were up more than 50 percent over the final three months of 2012, Burberry said, and men's accessories such as handbags rose nearly 40 percent.


"We remain very confident about the growth prospects for the China market generally," Burberry's Chief Financial Officer Stacey Cartwright said after the quarterly data was announced.

Burberry首席财务长官Stacey Cartwright在季度数据宣布后称,“我们总体上对中国地区的增长前景很有信心。”

"Specifically quarter by quarter it's always difficult to call. We are encouraged by the rebound that we've seen in this quarter," she added.



Burberry's bounce-back lifted the shares of its high-end peers. The Dow Jones luxury index rose 2.1 percent last week and is up 6 percent so far this year, double the 3 percent rise in the broader MSCI world equity index in 2013. China's economic revival may help lift the sector further.

Burberry'的反弹抬起了其在高档商品市场中的股份,去年Burberry在 Dow Jones指数上涨了2.1%,今年到目前为止,也已经上涨了6%,较2013年摩根士丹利指数3%的增长翻了一倍。中国的经济复苏可能对这一行业有进一步的提升。

Just last week, customers toting paper bags bearing the logos of Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Gucci, Prada and other global luxury brands were out in force at malls in Hong Kong and Macau, two nearby destinations for wealthy mainland Chinese shoppers.


Personal assistant Da Fei trailed behind his boss, a real estate businessman from Mongolia, carrying items from Hermes and Kenzo through the upscale One Central Macau shopping center in China's gambling capital.

在中国赌博之都澳门,一个高档购物中心,个人助理Da Fei,跟在他内蒙古的房地产商人老板的身后,拿着爱马仕,Kenzo的商品。

"He likes to buy everything, particularly Hermes and Gucci," Da Fei said as his boss, decked out in salmon pink trousers and a black and white shirt, browsed inside a Kenzo store.

“他喜欢买东西,尤其是爱马仕和Gucci。” Da Fei说道,而他的老板穿着橙红色的裤子和黑白配的衬衣,在Kenzo店内浏览。

At the Gucci store in Macau's Wynn casino, four men clustered around a glass counter examining leather wallets, while seven other men browsed items such as the 6,000 patacas ($750) shoulder bags. Only two women were in the shop at the same time, while other customers queued up outside, waiting for security guards to let them in.


Luxury looks like it could stay strong through the first quarter, largely due to the Chinese New Year celebrations in February and then the National People's Congress in March, where government positions will be confirmed - and gifts bestowed.


Data from Hong Kong, a popular shopping destination for wealthy mainland Chinese, shows retail sales are starting to perk up. They jumped 9.5 percent on the year in November, with jewelry, watches and other valuables up 13.7 percent after a 2.9 percent decline in October.


About 3 million mainland Chinese visited Hong Kong in November, up 30 percent from a year earlier, according to the tourism board. Macau's numbers paled by comparison, with a 3 percent rise to 1.5 million mainland visitors for the month.


But with Beijing cracking down on corruption, retail watchers caution that China may not deliver the explosive growth that made it a vital market for luxury brands after the global financial crisis in 2008.


Chinese buyers backed away from buying bling before the once-a-decade Party Congress in October, when new leadership was announced, so the strong November figures from Hong Kong may reflect a burst of pent-up demand.


Sales of watches and pricey liquor took the biggest hit after the corruption crackdown, according to a survey from the Hurun Report, known for its annual China Rich List.


Consumers are also becoming more choosy and sophisticated, preferring more inconspicuous luxury goods to logo-centric names such as Louis Vuitton.

消费者也越来越挑剔和世故,他们更倾向于不太显眼的奢侈品,如Louis Vuitton。

But with 1.3 billion consumers, many with a strong inclination for expensive brands that scream status, China remains a driving force in the luxury market.



James  •  8 hrs ago
Good to see the Chinese can still afford the high life and provide an endless stream of loans to the US.


Chris  •  17 hrs ago
do they buy american made


PappaDoc  •  1 day 0 hrs ago
Metrosexual men? Is that guys who have sex with public transportation vehicles?


Spacebar_001  •  1 day 2 hrs ago
Metrosexual is just the new way of saying Homosexual....


A Yahoo! User  •  1 day 2 hrs ago
Americans who buy luxury items = Wealthy and tasteful
Chinese who buy luxury items = meterosexual
American hypocrisy at its best.


Richard  •  1 day 3 hrs ago
I am so confused about who I am. I like men but I like sex with my wife, not men, so that makes me...........Normal! Am I the only one who gets disgusted with all of these labels?


Babeslover  •  1 day 3 hrs ago
Mean while in America, I'm hesitating to go shopping at Target because clothes aren't on sale!


ReichWing  •  1 day 3 hrs ago
China was humiliated by the West for 100 years!
And still continues to be humiliated by this article!
Why doesn't China do something about it like bankrupting the US or something?
Nevermind! lol..lol!


Mr. Mxyzpltk  •  1 day 3 hrs ago
China, I'm guessing is the one super power/or first world country in which the gap between economic classes is larger than that in the US.


Al Rozz  •  1 day 3 hrs ago
Who cares what they call them...I call them idiots ,thinking of a word that even children understand.


ReichWing  •  1 day 4 hrs ago
US media bias towards China!
Wealthy Chinese men are shown as metrosexual!
Wealthy US men are shown as desirable!
Security issues, huh US?


Quathemoc66  •  1 day 4 hrs ago
does this mean China is going GAY?


Dave  •  1 day 12 hrs ago
I can think of very few things that a man can be called that are worse than "metrosexual."


(re)Patrick  •  1 day 11 hrs ago
Is "Dave" one of them?


Republican  •  1 day 12 hrs ago
China has a lot more men then woman, is probably why.


G  •  1 day 12 hrs ago
"Chinese shoppers account for one-fourth of all luxury purchases globally"
Yup...they sure are not poor and living in shacks..are they
The USA is no longer # one in anything but guns and killings....