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【中英双语】查理周刊遇袭后美媒抹黑中国 美国网民笑抽了

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How China's reaction differs from the Westafter Charlie Hebdo attacks


The terrorattacks in France were inspired by the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo'scontinued caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad.


The world largely responded to the attackon its office as a sign that free speech should be ardently defended, evenamong those whom the newspaper mocked.


In China, however, reactions have been alittle different, reports CBS News correspondent Seth Doane.


Demonstrations around the world in support of free speechhave received muted attention in communist nation.


China's state news agency, Xinhua, ran acommentary by its Paris bureau chief in which he said: "Unfettered andunprincipled satire, humiliation and free speech are not acceptable."


A commentary posted on the Xinhua website also warns that wenow live in "a reality that demands basic respect and prudence beexercised in mass communication so as to reduce inter-culture andinter-religion misunderstanding and distrust, which can easily be exploited byterrorists."



bricky66 3 hours ago
typical china response, tell the extremiststo start showing some respect you slant eyed pricks


multili-2009 4 hours ago

I think satire should be fearless, but itshould also be smart.   Shouting nigg*** at black people in a satirenewspaper will make them more likely to get youth angry/riot rather than seeproblem with rioting.  siimlar with shouting insults at white cop by ablack writer of satire... more likely for a bad cop to be mad and beat someoneup when he thinks he can get away with it.Satire should instead convince people togive up foolish violence, see own foolishness, rather than encourage more foolishness....


multili-2009 4 hours ago

(I tried to post this as reply to my othercomment, but it kept being all caps, even when I wasn't typing in caps, so madea new post.  i am using google chrome, the reply feature seems to have aproblem)Bahrain - saudi tanks crush "prodemocracy' protestors, ability to protest/form of free speech is not big dealto west.  Similar in places like Syria and "killing his ownpeople".US shoots down commercial jet of Iran byaccident in 1988, many civilian passengers die...   no big deal.  Eastern ukraine might have shot down jet, reason for sanctions in russia forbacking eastern ukraine with likely less than US backs Egypt (after latestattacks on opponents and free speech)It is free speech to compare Bush or Reaganto a chimp/ape 100s of times, it is racist hate speech that should be stoppedto do same to obama once...  (free speech is only important if it is ourpolitical side, otherwise it is inciting hatred)


multili-2009 4 hours ago

Meanwhile US funds Egypt $500 milliondollars after egypt jails lots of western journalists, and mass sentenceshundreds to death at a time in speed trials, and adversing for other side inreferendum gets jail sentence.  France is trying to sell frigates andother military weapons to Egypt.Feedom of speech matters mainly when oncorrect side of cold war.


cncritic 6 hours ago

laugh my ass off. Freedom of speech????? Mycomments are better to be shown here. Here is a popular joke circulating in theChinese internet domain. An American brags about freedom of speechby giving an example " we can criticize our American president forwhatever he does wrong. What do you have??? In your country, you Chinese donthave such freedom."The Chinese responded to this American,"yes, we do. we have freedom to criticize your American president, as wellas the freedom call his names. Black Ape." That is the joke, get it?What a world out there??? That sounds soooarrogant to me. From the perspective of the Chinese, gun issues make Americareally "what a world out there!". There are soooo many ignorant retards inthis world. In the US, I cannot have the freedom to use racist words. in China,I use whatever racist words I want to use. That is the real freedom of speech.Get it? the N word, the C word, the Ching Chang Chong word. whatever racistphrase I wish to use.